TM 401 - Traffic Estimation and Strategy

TM 401 - Traffic Estimation and Strategy
TM 401 is part of the Intermediate level badges in the IPWEA NZ Digital Badges line up.  If you are new to the Digital Badges world, you can find information here.

This course will give you a solid foundation of why and how traffic monitoring is undertaken, how to create a traffic count strategy and programme of monitoring of sites across a road network.  Finally, it will show methods to take the traffic data collected and turn that into estimates across the network.  The course is focussed on road network traffic monitoring and does not cover pedestrian and cyclist monitoring. It does not cover more location-based traffic monitoring such as intersection turning movements and congestion monitoring for example.

Participants on this course will learn to:
  1. Understanding importance of network traffic data in transportation asset management
  3. Understanding how traffic data is collected
  5. Understanding how to create a traffic monitoring strategy and turn that into a programme across a network
  7. Understand how to create and/or update traffic estimates across the network

We use the RIMS traffic monitoring guidelines aligned with the IIMM framework and Asset Management Basics handbook as the course curricula. These micro-credentials are a great way to build your asset management skills and competencies, allowing you to advance your asset management journey.

Most road controlling authorities undertake traffic monitoring across their networks.  Bur often they lack the understanding of how their programme should be optimised and how to turn their count data into estimates across their network.  The course starts with an introduction into the importance of traffic monitoring, how it is typically undertaken and how it is used. This course helps guide asset managers in the principles behind a good traffic monitoring strategy.  It gives guidance on how to create a strategy and then turn that into a count programme.  The course also takes participants through turning the count date from around their network into AADT estimates for each road sections that can be updated annually.

Who should attend: RCA transportation asset managers, consultants and contractors who are responsible for traffic monitoring strategies, programmes and updating network estimates.

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Important info before you register

  • You MUST have completed AM 101,202, 203 and 204 – IPWEA NZs AM Foundation level courses before commencing this workshop. You can register here. Please note, you can register for all courses at once if this is your preference.
  • If you are registering other people, you MUST use each persons individual email address for the registration.

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8/1/2021 - 8/31/2021

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